Thank you for your interest in enrolling Cornerstone Healthcare Solutions to conduct your Business Review!

A Business Review will provide a snapshot analysis of financials and other information to identify areas of potential savings in existing expense and opportunity from untapped revenue or growth.
Within 10 days of a signed agreement New Paradigm Solutions will need the following information:

  • Complete financials

  • Health Insurance information

  • Retirement Benefits

  • Property and casualty/ Liability insurance

  • Workers’ compensation

  • Strategic Plan

  • Last two years' survey results

  • Any existing market studies

  • Current average annual census broken into

    • Private Pay Health Care

    • Medicaid Health Care

    • Medicare Health Care

    • Assisted living

  • Organization Chart

  • Annual funds raised

Upon receipt of information Cornerstone Healthcare Solutions will issue a potential saving report in 20 days and if no savings can be found the cost of the Business Review will be refunded.